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Are you not getting enough traffic to your website?
Are you wasting hundreds or even thousands of dollars on advertising?
Are you still spending most of your advertising money offline?
Are you looking for a reliable partner that can manage your Google Ads Sunshine Coast campaigns for you?


Hi, we’re Cloud Clicks a PPC (pay per click) digital advertising agency helping Sunshine Coast businesses to squeeze more profit from their Google ads.

Google Ads (previously known as Google Adwords) is one of the fastest ways to get in front of people searching for your products or services.

Setting up a Sunshine Coast Google Ads campaign can bring in leads or sales within hours of the campaign going live. This means you could get a campaign set up on Friday, and start making sales that same weekend.

But it has to be the right campaign and the correct setup. You wouldn’t believe how many campaigns we’ve looked at and found thousands of dollars being wasted. In one instance, we helped a client (Australian Direct) increase revenue from their existing Google As campaign by 60% within less than 30 days.

Joe Viveiros
Joe Viveiros
00:53 30 Jun 23
They're ace
Gwen Stewart
Gwen Stewart
01:27 09 Jun 23
Very positive experience helped with facebook, instagram and You tube
Angela Nennie
Angela Nennie
05:06 10 Feb 23
The amount of compliments I get on my website is astounding. So many of my clients have mentioned that after visiting an online directory, they chose to work with me over other ADHD Coaches because of my site. I think they've really captured my personality with the branding and I'm thrilled with it.Originally I was going to try building my own site but I'm so glad I ended up making the decision to chat with Joannes and the team at Cloud Clicks (which admittedly, includes my husband). Johannes took the time to help me get clarity on my branding and provided advice on setting up my site to maximise any future marketing activities.Throughout the build, Joost (my husband) was my point person. While he maintains that I was by far the most indecisive client they'd ever worked with (#ADHD), the team were always quick to implement my feedback, providing their own invaluable ideas and feedback as we went. They were so patient and lovely. I honestly could not recommend them more.

Why you should run Google Ads

1. Your competition is most likely already doing it
2. Measurable results compared to traditional advertising
3. Reach potential customers when they are looking for you
4. You control how much you want to spend

Why you should use us

1. We are certified by Google
2. We have been managing and optimising Google Ads accounts since 2009
3. We have helped some of our clients to increase opt in rates from 6% to over 14%
4. We have optimised Google Ads accounts to increase leads by 400%

Will Google Ads work for me on the Sunshine Coast?

According to ITU about 88.8% of the Australian population are Internet users.
More and more people look for services, products and businesses online.
We can help you to be found when prospective customers are actively searching for what you have to offer through Google Advertising,  Facebook and Social Media Marketing.

The right Google Ads campaign can help your business cut through the competition by getting top placements on your most relevant keywords. But the wrong campaign, can mean thousands of dollars wasted.
I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “I’ve tried it, and Google Adwords isn’t working for me”. Well, maybe, but 90% of the time, it just wasn’t done right.


How do you build the right Google Ads campaign?

It all starts with the right foundation.
That is you need a website that is performing.
It needs to be built properly.
It needs to load fast.
It requires the right content and call to action.
It needs proper tracking setup.
That tracking needs to be linked to Google Analytics, which needs to be connected to the Google Merchant Center (Google for retail), which needs to be linked to Google Ads. You need your Facebook tracking in place. You need proper markup and structured data.








The Google Ads campaign setup

Once all that is done, you need to find the right keywords. You need to write the right ads. You need the correct campaign setup — the right extensions. You then need to monitor performance and make changes. Add keywords, remove keywords, check budgets and locations.

Sounds complicated? Well, it is. And it isn’t. Yes, you can set up a new Google Ad account and start running ads. It’s that easy. But you want to make sure you know where your money is going. Too often, I’ve heard: “Google Ads isn’t working for me”. When that simply wasn’t the case.

Well, we can make Google Ads work for you. It takes expert knowledge and experience to manage Googles tools, algorithm changes, tracking, analytics, and to build a high performing money-generating Google Ads campaign, that generates not just traffic, but sales and leads.

As of September 2019, our avergage ecommerce client gets $14 for every dollar they put into Google. (Based on standard 30-day conversion window)

The Cloud Clicks Profit Formula

At Cloud Clicks we’ve been running Google Ads since 2009. In that time, we’ve done coaching and training with some of the top Google Adwords trainers and thinkers. Such as Perry Marshall, Mike Rhodes, Brad Geddes and Frederick Vallaeys.

Cloud Clicks is a Google Premier Partner, which means that Google recognises us as one of the few companies, that successfully manage large budgets and adhere to best practices.

Throughout the years, we’ve come up with many processes, formulas and scripts that help us squeeze the best out of every campaign. There are weekly and daily checks, monthly checks, quarterly checks, as well as regular audits to assure your campaigns keep humming along.
On top of this, we use some of the top technology available to help us make better decisions and get an unfair advantage over our and your competitors.


Sunshine Coast Adwords PPC Management

Is Adwords PPC superior to Facebook ads? For starters, the main difference here is that Facebook charges you per impression, whereas Google Ads (or Adwords) charges you per click.

The greatest challenge with PPC management is knowing how to optimise the performance of your campaign. There is a lot of factors going into proper PPC management.

You need to take your website, website structure, your keywords, your products and offers into consideration. Then we need to look at the competition, your ads and landing page, the locations, the bids and budgets. We need to look at search queries, search intents, and so forth. You can see that very quickly things get quite complicated.

But that is why you want a reliable PPC manager, that can take care of all this for you. Then he reports back to you, so you know what’s going on, what’s being worked on. What’s been done and what needs attention. Schedule a Free PPC management session with us and find out how we can increase your profits.







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