5 bucks for a case of beer?!

Twenty years ago, I moved to Australia. 

Well, I came for six months and never left. 

I almost did leave though, when I first visited a bottle shop. 

You know, I can buy a case of beer (24*500ml) for 7.5 AUD in Germany. 

Sometimes, I can buy it for as cheap as five bucks for a case when it’s on sale. 

The good stuff goes for about 10 AUD. Maybe 15.

So you can imagine my despair when I walked into Dan Murphy, and the cheapest case I could find was 45 dollars. And you could easily spend up to $100 on craft brews. 

How do Aussies afford to drink beer? 

I still don’t know. 

Anyways, some mates and I got into brewing our own beer. 

First, the easy stuff, and eventually, we graduated to making our mash. 

With various degrees of success. 

On paper, brewing beer is easy especially if you use a homebrew starter kit.

Add some water and some sugar. Let it sit, bottle it. You are good to go. More or less. 

What no one tells you, though, is that once you make the first batch, you spend most of your time cleaning the gear.

And if you don’t do it right. Well, you know when you crack open the first bottle 🤢

The same goes for your marketing. 

Could you build your own website? Of course, you could.

Google Ads? Sure.

Facebook? Heck yeah.

CRM. Why not?

Everyone good at anything had to start somewhere. 

So, of course, you can do all those things yourself. 

With AI’s allure, it’s even more tempting to try it and save a few bucks. 

Initially, it might actually work out, too.

It’ll take time away from running your business, but you can get a good enough outcome.

Eventually, though, you’ll crack open a bottle, and something isn’t quite right. 

Your website looks wonky, the contact form submissions haven’t come through in months. 

Google Ads keeps draining your cash.

Your emails go to SPAM.

And you have no idea how to fix it or how long this has been going on.

Working with Cloud Clicks is obviously more expensive than doing it yourself.

But you’ll save time and get a much better product. 

It’s the difference between XXXX, Stone & Wood, or some third-grade homebrew.

IIt’sall beer. But some are clearly better than others. 

If you want the good stuff, get in touch.

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