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Have you ever wondered what happened to the many visitors from the past who engaged with your site – even if it was only briefly – who never returned? Have you ever wished that there was a way for you to reach out, tap them on the shoulder, and remind them that you’re still here? Well, you can. This is exactly what Adwords remarketing (a.k.a. targeting your audience for search) can help you achieve.

What Is Adwords Remarketing?

We’ve all seen Google Adwords advertisements, those ads that often surround the webpages on the Google Display network. Adwords remarketing takes this advertising one sophisticated step further: allowing businesses to hone in and target individuals based on their past behaviour on your website.

With remarketing, you’re able to place a special tracking code on the computer of anyone who visits your website, which then places a cookie on his or her computer. Through this cookie you identify those individuals’ (not their actual identities, but their computers) who have demonstrated an interest in your website, see what pages they visited, and then employ whichever strategy you as a business see fit to re-engage these visitors.

Often this strategy will be to have more targeted ads for your business to appear on subsequent pages that they visit. (You may have seen remarketing in action while browsing without realising it – and wondered why you keep seeing ads from a site you recently visited – its not a coincidence!)

What’s the Benefit of Adwords Remarketing?

As touched upon above, by knowing which pages these visitors have visited you’ll be able to craft strategies which will encourage re-engagement or, hopefully, conversions. Google makes it fairly easy to keep these visitors organised as well through their remarketing list function. These lists can be as simple or as detailed as you like, and will help you create campaigns that will draw these segmented visitors through the sales funnel and towards a final sale.

What’s also nice about this little tag of code is that it’ll allow you to easily spot any particular trends in the pages of your website that visitors are looking at.

For example, let’s say you begin to notice a trend of those coming to your tech website for Beats by Dr Dre headphones then clicking on a link to a less expensive pair of Sony ear buds. This information can help you fine-tune your marketing strategy in a number of ways, including your Adwords campaign, so you can not only reach out to previous visitors, but attract new visitors as well.

While Google has the tools in place, tracking and identifying trends and opportunities requires experience. To approach it in a haphazard way could cost you hundreds, even thousands, of advertising dollars unnecessarily.

Here at Cloud Clicks we have fine-tuned the remarketing process and are delivering superb results for our clients. To discuss these opportunities for your business please contact us on 0400 78 48 04 or send us an email to [email protected]