Facebook Australia Groups Fund

Do you run a Facebook Group? Ever thought about taping into Facebook Groups for your business?

facebook australia groups fund

Well, it’s actually a great way to stay connected with the community, grow engagement, and show support. If you hadn’t noticed, this year was a tough time for businesses and communities. From bushfires and droughts to pandemics, Facebook noticed the importance of community and joining together. Facebook is rewarding groups that are supporting and empowering their communities in crisis.

It is called the Facebook Australia Groups Fund; Facebook will in fact be giving out cash to groups leading community relief efforts and making a positive impact were invited to apply for grants of up to AUD10,000. Pretty amazing!

If you are running a Facebook Group, make sure to apply for this grant. The application period closes 27 August 2020. And if you don’t run a Facebook group, you might want to consider if it would be a benefit to your business.

There are significant benefits to starting your own group. Managing a group of your own lets you control the experience and determine a specific focus. There are many groups out there created by businesses for their customers who buy their products. This offers a better user experience and may encourage more loyal customers.

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