How The Global Pandemic Has Changed The eCommerce Industry in Australia

If you haven’t noticed, the global pandemic has caused more than a few changes this year. Actually, there has been a significant shift in consumer behavior – online purchases in April 2020 were 6.8% higher than the busiest period in 2019. 

That’s just one of the few key insights provided by the Australia Post eCommerce Industry Report. Though this year has brought plenty of unexpected challenges, it has also prompted significant online growth meaning plenty of opportunity.

Online shopping has become too easy, and though people have had to stay inside for a time that has not limit their shopping activities whatsoever. Back in 2019, an average of 1.6 million households bought something online each week, this jumped to 2.5 million households per week in April 2020. The year is not over and with that there will be more developments, industry dips and new trends. 

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One thing is for certain, shopping habits have changed. We are seeing an increasing trend of social responsibility. After the environmental disasters, there was significant response to social media campaigns such as #BuyFromTheBush and #BuyRegional – Australians have recognized that their purchasing habits can support their local communities, and they are taking action. 

As we take on the rest of the year, retailers can get valuable insights from the 2020 eCommerce Industry Report. Thanks to the Australia Post team, we can have a detailed look into the previous year of 2019. Have a look back at the industry changes to prepare for similar trends this year and take advantage of the many new shoppers online.