So you decided to make your own website. Congratulations!

But now you would like to also have your own domain….no worries. Here’s how you’ll go about it. (In case your wondering what a domain is, it is your webadress, so for example for telling people to go to you tell them to go to

First there is a large variety of places that provide webdomains. At this point I would suggest to go with

At the time of writing this post Godaddy offers .com domain for A$7.29 per year, which is a pretty good price. Really anything under $15 is not too bad…But then again prices change all the time and different providers have different offers. Once you have your own domain name you can point it to your existing website,make a new one or you could also look for a hosting package.

Let’s say you are using blogger to run your first website, you website will be hosted by blogger, and they will restrict how many images you can upload, only provide you with certain themes and plugins for your website. if you decide to step it up you can host your own website, which is a bit more expensive and starts at around $50 per year.

For self hosting options I would recommend over Godaddy or Netregistry

Reason being Justhost gives you more freedom, allows you to have more domains and I just have had a better experience with them…

But more on self-hosting later.