No matter what product or service you’re going for, the pricing will vary depending on several factors.

When it comes to SEO in the Sunshine Coast area, those factors include the goals of your campaign and the needs of your business. Sound too general and mostly unclear? That’s because it’s essentially what that statement is. General ideas in terms of concepts like that do not equate to specific items in a campaign. This means, in terms of pricing, whatever savings you think you got will end up amounting to nothing.

It’s never fun to realize too late that you just wasted the budget you carefully set aside for online marketing.

To begin with, what is a chunk of online marketing spent on? Search engine optimization (SEO) practices. There are multiple factors to this and it can take quite some time. However, the returns on investment from organic growth can easily be quite the profit. Needless to say, it’s important to have the best possible SEO specialist at hand. 

Factors That Contribute To Pricing 

In truth, it’ll be tough to get a specific figure when it comes to how much “should” be paid for SEO. However, there’s certainly an average approximation across the industry. At the moment, it comes to around $32 for every keyword. 

Pricing a campaign involves several factors, such as:

  • Industry competition – This generally means more work to be done, with more time going into the campaign proper in order to viably stand out from the competition.
  • Product and service area focus – In cases where your target location is massive, say all of Australia, it’s far more competitive.
  • SEO campaign timeline – There’s a big difference between a campaign starting out and an existing strategy being amplified.
  • Here is some additional information that you need to know:

Cheap SEO Techniques Are Risky

Unfortunately, many people fall under the misconception that black hat SEO techniques are an easy, affordable solution. In truth, it’s not really worth it in the long run, and there are no actual savings to be had in the long term. 

Be wary of these questionable, black hat techniques:

  • Doorway pages
  • Gateway pages
  • Hidden text and hidden links
  • Keyword spamming (sometimes also known as keyword stuffing)
  • Lack of originality from mirroring other sites
  • Spam engagement and content on the blog

Small Business SEO Doesn’t Equate to Lower Pricing

Many people think that while their business is still small, their product or service value isn’t that high. In truth, a product’s value shouldn’t depend wholly on the corporation or organization’s size. SEO is a great tool for small businesses in particular in order to let themselves be better known. After all, brand awareness is extremely crucial.


Having a reliable SEO professional will be worth the investment every time. It’s valid, of course, to want specific figures in terms of how much it may cost to take on SEO services on the Sunshine Coast. However, that’s not possible since there are several variables to consider. Pricing a campaign involves considering the timeline of the SEO campaign and industry competition. There’s a general average of $32 for every keyword, but that’s still an approximation. 

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