I just came across this post on the Google Blog. Importing Adwords conversions from Salesforce. This is part of their latest rollout: Tracking offline conversions.

I am not sure about you, but I find this extremely exciting. In the past we’ve set up Adwords and Salesforce for clients, and had to find a way to bring data from Adwords to Salesforce, in order to know which conversions were actual conversions.

So far most Adwords conversions were signups on a landing page, or a phone call. For some of our clients, the actual leadtime to get someone from enquiring on a landingpage to actually becoming a customer, was upwards of 3 months, sometimes even more than 12 months. Tracking the effectiveness of an Adwords Campaign became extremely challenging, as was optimizing the account based on actual conversions.

What we’ve done in the past, is to tag Ad URLs, or tapped intot the GA script,to get some kind of data into Salesforce, then we pulled reports in Salesforce to see where leads are coming from and how they were converting. Then we made changes in Adwords  based of that. It was a bit messy at times, and unreliable.

All this should (might) change now. Being able to share data between Adwords and Salesforce should help to make better decisions in terms of ROI. But there is still a few challenges ahead that need to be worked out I’m sure.

I’m looking forward to implement this new change for some of our clients.

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