is gumtree dead

When was the last time you sold a used item? The other weekend we were cleaning out our house. We had a garage sale and were left with a bunch of stuff. Too good to throw away, but I didn’t want to keep it either.

So back in the days, I would have posted this on Gumtree. And I did this time. But I also posted the items on Facebook marketplace.

I’ve been using marketplace for quite a while, browsing for items. Even though I don’t think I have purchased anything from there yet. My wife, on the other hand, has. Anyways. I was fully expecting to get most enquiries from gumtree. But how wrong I was.

I had nine items to sell. Within hours I had 20 enquiries from my Facebook post and 1 Gumtree enquiry.

Within hours my first item sold from the Facebook post, and all but 1 sold via Facebook.

One of my posts got 40+ Enquiries within hours, while I only got two posts from gumtree.

Why is this relevant?

People are changing the way they interact.

New platforms keep taking over existing sales channels.

eBay and Gumtree (which is owned by eBay) have taken over from classified newspaper ads.

And Facebook now seems to be taking over from Gumtree. 

Uber has taken over the taxi industry, and Airbnb is making a massive dent into the hotel industry.

Google has taken over the Yellow Pages, and Amazon is taking over not just bookshops but any kind of brick and mortar shops. And online stores. You literally get 2 hour delivery on some items ordered from Amazon (in the US)

The point is: Are you taking advantage of the latest changes in advertising? Or are you hanging on to outdated methods?

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