If you are running an online business, you will want to stay abreast of any activity that occurs on your website. You need to know how people are getting to your website and what they are doing once they hit your home page. You need to analyze the search terms that people are using to find you and whether those search terms are leading to sales. Salesforce Google AdWords integration can help you monitor your website activity so that you can improve your marketing ROI. With the right analytic program, you can get more out of your marketing efforts.

Salesforce Google AdWords: Daddy Analytics

DaddyAnalytics can tell a site owner all there is to know about how their website is performing. Each visitor’s activity is tracked through a short form. The web owner can view a multitude of activity information on each lead generation. This system shows the web owner where the lead came from and which terms he or she searched to get there. It shows the person which pages the visitor visited and what the person’s actions were on each page. Additionally, website owners can view the geographical location and temperature of every lead. The information obtained from DaddyAnalytics can show a business owner where his or her target customer base resides.

Digioh Plus Salesforce

Digioh is an alternative salesforce Google AdWords system. Digioh is a strong marketing analytics leader. The reports that it generates give the administrator over 100 pieces of information on each lead. The data gives the administrators enough information to make marketing decisions that can increase profits. Leaders can analyze records of time spent on the site by each visitor and the percentage of those visitors that purchased goods and services. They can view the number of returning visits to judge the number of satisfied customers. Digioh gets to know the customers so it can report that information in an organized fashion.


Bizible is a new but effective salesforce Google AdWords system. Bizible claims to dig deep into analytics and leverage the client’s lead insights to their maximum capacity. Bizible offers multiple integrations with platforms such as WordPress and Hubspot. Bizible also has a multitude of custom reports that can pinpoint the most crucial marketing data. Additionally, Bizible has full UTM support, which eases the burden for the evaluator and makes campaigning a breeze.

The aforementioned options are available for your business so that you can start improving your performance immediately.