Google Adwords

Let’s hope it never comes to this, but let’s not bury our heads in the sand either.

The Australian Government is picking a fight with Google, and at this stage, the outcome is uncertain. 

In the latest news, Google is offering a solution but who knows what our Government is going to do with this. 

I side with Google on this one. And not just because my business relies on Google. I don’t think its right to give Murdoch any more influence than he already has. Something like 77% control of the media in Australia. This would give him an unfair advantage over every other business that is trying to rank. Nor do I think Google should pay the press like the Government is suggesting. 

And from what I understand, you can’t just go in and change the algorithms.

The question is: Will Google pull out of Australia if Google and the Government can’t find a solution? 

Australia is tiny compared to the rest of the world and probably does not want to set a precedent, that could be replicated in the US, UK, Europe, … Google did pull out of China. So they’ve done it before. 

Let’s hope it does not come to this, but what will happen if they do? 

We have no idea, what would happen if you go to tomorrow and it is gone. 

No more searches, no more Adwords. Would they still serve Display Ads or would they disappear as well? What about Youtube?

At this point, it’s hard to anticipate the impact, and I’d rather not find out. 

We have some ideas what can be done to prepare for this (I want to say) unlikely event. But at this point, I’d say it 50/50, maybe 60/40 in favour of Google and the Government working it out.

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