Well, first of all, I don’t think there is such a thing as a perfect landing page. There are good ones and bad ones, but because people and the web continually change you will always have to improve your landing page.

The only way you know if your landing page is any good, you will need to track its performance. There are 2 great tools I use to do that. Google Analytics, and Website Optimizer. Both of them are free and fairly easy to set up if you know how to copy and paste.

Your third important measuring tool is your database. Your database will give you the best data, as it tells you who exactly made it into your school.

But back to your landing page.

First, your landing page should be visually appealing. You don’t have to have the best design, but as people make a decision if they trust your site or not within the first few seconds, having a crappy site does not help you at all.

Second, your site shouldn’t take too long to load. If I have to wait 5 minutes for your huge banner to show up, but the time it is loaded I will have moved on.

Third, Have a flow, a story to tell, a catchy headline. You want to draw people in with a great image, move them to an interesting headline and then lead them through your site, getting them excited about what could be. This is all about them. Not about your Vision, but what people can get out of the DTS. What’s in it for them.

Fourth. Have a clear call to action, like a contact form. Not hidden in the back, but placed in a way that people can’t miss it. Saying that you don’t want to be right in their face either, but I think you get the point.

Lastly, where do you want to send people once they’ve filled out your contact form? Ideally, you would have another landing page somewhere on your website, that you would direct people to. This site is prime web real estate. People have already trusted you. They are interested in what you have to offer. Now give them more information about who you are, about a DTS, your ministry,…Don’t just send them to a blank page that says: “Thanks for contacting us”, make the most of this opportunity.

Once you are happy with your landing page, you need to decide how you want to drive traffic to it. Do you want to run Google Ads? Facebook Ads or do you want to wait for organic traffic to find it?