best way to advertise on Facebook

Did you know that Facebook is ranked third in terms of the world’s most visited websites?

This means that if someone is online, it’s virtually guaranteed that at least some of their time is being spent on Facebook. So what better way to reach them than through Facebook advertising? 

On average, Facebook users click on eleven advertisements per month. So what is the best way to advertise on Facebook? 

This guide will explain the top 5 Facebook advertising strategies, to ensure that your business is one of those eleven! 

1. Incorporate Video 

It leaves little to the imagination that 88% of marketers who use video say that it gives them a positive return on investment. 

Video is absolutely a vital part of creating a successful Facebook advertising strategy. 

Many Facebook users won’t stop to read a post that has lines of text, but they will watch a 20-second video that details the same contents in an easily digestible way. Video is the perfect opportunity for your brand to get a message across in a simple, fast way. 

But it’s important that your video is professional and concise, make sure that the message you’re portraying in your video is true to your brand’s personality and style. A professionally filmed or high-quality video will more likely be watched until the end which will inflate your chances of being shown to more Facebook users. 

2. Focus On Remarketing 

You may have a few people who comment on or interact with your posts on some level on Facebook. Remarketing means that you then use this information to your advantage, for example, you may send this person a follow-up advert in order to pique their interest.

On Facebook, you can actually choose to market your advert to users who have interacted with your content or brand in some way already. 

Think of it as a trigger reminder, they may have visited your page in the last few weeks and simply forgotten about the interest they had in your product or service. Being able to show them an advert again is a quick way to remind them why your brand caught their eye, and potentially turn them into a customer. 

3. Concentrate On Measuring Performance 

One big mistake that you’ll want to avoid is measuring your advert performance on a ‘vanity basis’ than a sales basis. 

This means that you don’t want to be thinking that 50 likes are a great return on investment, it may look good, yes, but ultimately, you want sales. 

The best way to measure whether your advertising campaign is actually working is by measuring the leads you’ve generated and the sales you’ve made. 

Ensure that you have these measurements in place so that you can see what the figures are for your return-on-investment and how many sales you’ve actually made from your advertising efforts. 

This also means that you’ll be able to adapt or evolve your advertising strategy to match the content that is working and remove content that isn’t. 

4. Prioritise Relevance And Not Frequency 

One key strategy is not to be forgotten: relevance is more important than frequency. 

Frequency statistics will show you many times the same person is seeing your advertisement. So, if someone has seen your advert 10 times and still not converted to being a customer, well, that’s a problem. 

The relevance score is how Facebook rates your advertisement in terms of its relevance to your selected audience. Things like comments, likes, and shares will increase your relevance score, but if someone chooses to hide your advertisement, this will affect your score negatively. 

You need to prioritise finding the right balance between relevance and frequency. 

You should aim for a 2 or 3 in frequency, and 8 or higher in relevance. 

5. Using Lookalike Audiences 

Your brand will already have an audience that interacts and engages with its content on Facebook, this is your current audience. 

One of Facebook’s greatest advertising offerings is that you can choose to target a ‘lookalike’ audience based on people who already follow and engage with your brand. 

There is a slider you can use that will determine how many people you want to target within your lookalike audience, try to keep this towards the lower end so that your lookalike audiences match your current high-value audience in the best way possible. 

You’ll see how this information changes as you slide the pointer back and forth, and then you can decide what works best for you and what you want to achieve. 

It is a little easier than trying to create a custom audience for some of your Facebook advertising campaigns. 

Understanding The Best Way To Advertise On Facebook 

When searching for the best way to advertise on Facebook, it’s important to note that there is no one way to achieve maximum, desired results. 

Much of Facebook advertising efforts can sometimes be described as a ‘hit-and-miss’ strategy, which in a small way, is true. The best way to approach this thought process is that you need to be willing to adapt and evolve your Facebook advertising strategies as time goes on. 

What works this week, may not work in a few months’ time. 

Focus on ensuring that your strategy is changeable and not set in stone, not only can your content be moulded to suit a new campaign but so can your audience and targeting efforts. 

Finding Facebook Advertising Success 

Most importantly, don’t give up!

As you figure out the best to advertise on Facebook for you and your business, remember to focus on the goals that you’ve put in place and what you had hoped to achieve. 

The only way for you to determine if you’re successful, is by regularly checking your advertising efforts against the goals you’ve set for yourself. 

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