In our present era, competition in the web world industry requires the use of effective digital marketing materials in order to create a remarkable customer engagement. Different types of online marketing material have emerge to make a better website especially for small business owners to gather potential customers.

That’s where storybrand guides come into the picture. This is formulated for all the business owner who desire to capture audience engagement with the use of content marketing materials. Read here to know more about the storybrand framework.

What is storybrand framework?

A storybrand framework is one of the marketing materials used today that is known for its simplicity and efficacy in creating a brand message for potential customers. It aims to relay a clear message to customers about their product using a story-based approach where the customers are the center of the story.

Donald Miller:Author of Storybrand framework

Donald Miller , the CEO of storybrand and a Storybrand certified guide offers services to help grow your business. There are also some storybrand marketing workshop available to coach businesses in improving their websites and leads.

He aims to help business grow by avoid failure, reduce marketing efforts and making more money.

Storybrand certified agency

Working with a Storybrand certified agency can help start your business target market the customers buy you need with the use of the storybrand framework.

When you work with a guide, they can help you clarify your message by building a storybrand and helping you craft a message easily understood by your target audience.

A StoryBrand Certified Guide is qualified to help businesses create and implement marketing based on the StoryBrand Framework.

How does StoryBrand work in marketing?

Communicating with a clear message to customers is one of the key to improving your business marketing.

When you work with a guide, they can help you clarify your message by helping you craft a message easily understood by your target audience.

An good story where the clients are the main character will help attract more customers and convince them that you are the guide to help solve their problems. Your story should be able to engage and hold their attention to make it a success.

The techniques can then be implemented on your website, sales funnels and email sequences.

The Role of Storybrand Brandscript

A storybrand brandscript acts like a script like in the movies. In this framework it guides the customers instead of actor in a given scene. It is the longer version of a storybrand framework that specifically applies to your business. The framework is composed of 7 parts.

  • A characterThe story must always begin with the main character or the hero who is the customer. They should be featured right in the first page of your script. The hero needs help and you will be their guide to success.
  • The problemThe problems or villains your customers may encounter are as follows:
    1. External problemsThese are the surface issues customers experience wherein they tend to find a solution on the internet.
    2. Internal problemThese are the feelings and frustrations customers experience when external problems cannot be solved.
    3. Philosophical problemThese are universal problems that have worldwide applications particularly in dealing with injustice.
  • The Guide

Here comes the part of your brand story where the main character meets the guide who is you. The guide will help the customers implement the storybrand framework for their business.

  • The plan

A plan if formulated after the guide and customer meeting. These plan aims to solve the problems of the customer.

The storybrand framework advises to always construct a 3 step plan to make it feasible for the customer to agree with it.

  • Call to action

These are one of the important aspects in the storybrand where the customer implements a call to action by scheduling an appointment with you or to contact as their guide.

  • A success story ending

A Character Transformation is achieved in this stage where the customer experiences success and sees the difference from the beginning of the story to the end.

If the customers achieve what they want and become their aspirational identity, the story ends in success.

  • Avoid failure

This is the last step of the story where a realization is gained from the brand story about the benefits of risk taking. These risks may wasting money and time, frustrations, and other matter.

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