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Wouldn’t it be nice to skyrocket the ROI from your Facebook Ads?

We’ve helped clients go from no Facebook ads at all to 40X returns, within weeks. On average we generate 14X return for our ecommerce clients, and we get $25 leads. This is based on roughly $1.8 Million Dollars in ad spend over the past year.

Let us help you put an advertising machine together that prints you money

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Facebook Advertising Agency Sunshine Coast

Google Ads.

Formerly known as Adwords help you to attract the right people at the right time. When they search for you. Let us help you to get the most from your investment with Google.

Facebook Ads.

Tap into billions of potential customers using Facebooks advanced matching capabilities. Whatever business you are in, your customers are already on Facebook.

Web Design

We build websites that rank well. That are fast. That turn traffic into leads. And that represent you and your business well. Don’t get distracted by shiny designers, when you can get a website that is optimised to grow your business from day one.

Facebook Advertising / Social Advertising

Facebook Advertising Agency Sunshine Coast

Who is benefiting from Facebook / Social Media advertising? Facebook? Your competition? You? Have you ever wondered what all those people are doing on their mobile phones? I’d say they’re checking their Facebook or Instagram feeds. Did you know that over15 Million Australians are logging on to Facebook every month?*

So, whatever business you are in, your customers are on at least one of Facebook’s platforms. And if you are not engaging with them, your competition will. 

I get it. Facebook ads are not that straight forward. We’ve been running Facebook ads since 2009 and have seen massive changes. Hey, maybe you even ran some ads. You boosted some posts. Setup some campaigns, or even hired a Social media marketing agency. But you did not get the results you were hoping for. Part of the problem is all the hype about $0.01 likes, $0.20 leads. Thousands of people visiting your website. Hundreds of so-called Gurus promising that by buying their latest course they tell you something no one else knows. Well, the fact is, you can get all the information about digital advertising online. How to set up your campaigns, how to create ads, how to set up tracking, how to structure budgets,…The problem is knowing where to start. What to do first. What to focus on. We’ve been in the industry for over ten years, and we’ve seen a lot of “digital advertising agencies” open up shop, just to close doors a little later. 

Making money with Facebook ads

So where does that leave you?
Are you wasting money on Facebook ads?
Are you missing out on the Facebook audience altogether?
Would you like to tap into the vast ocean of potential leads?

That’s where we can help!

We’re a local Facebook advertising agency based on the Sunshine Coast. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses generating them leads and sales. On average, we make $14 return for every dollar spent on Facebook for our eCommerce clients. And we do generate leads for under $1. -> Here’s a secret. A lot of those leads are from remarketing campaigns. If you have a big enough audience, and an interesting enough product or service or offer, generating email signups is easy. It gets a lot trickier if you’re a plumber or dentist.

Digital Advertising
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Your Dedicated Facebook Ad Agency

Our dedicated Australian based facebook ad managers can help your business to get traction with Facebook ads within weeks. One of our clients went from $0 in sales from Facebook to over $100K per month within 30 days. Have a chat with us and see how we can help your business get traction on Facebook. There are 15 million active Facebook users in Australia that we can tap into. And you can be super specific in who you want to target. By geography, age, gender, interest, behaviour, … but my personal favourite is lookalike audiences. If you have a database of existing customers or clients, we can use facebook to find similar people. Build a funnel that connects with them first, warms them up and then converts them into leads and paying customers. This is what we do day in and day out. 

Get in touch, we’re looking forward to making you money. 




to discover how to 3x
your sales in weeks



with robust reporting
and optimisation



sit back and watch
sales go up!

For every dollar we spend we see 6-7 returns, which is fantastic. This means that our online store is now outperforming some of our physical locations


Boris Schaber –


The results have been excellent. He’s been much better than the previous Adwords manager we had.


Will Callaghan

WRC Quantity Surveyors

The results have been great. With Johannes help we’ve now generating sufficient leads that we had to put on more staff. I recommend Cloud Clicks to anyone that’s thinking about digital marketing.


Jack Bradford


It’s common sense to expect a return on your adspend

There’s too many times we’ve heard:

Facebook Ads don't work speech bubbles

Not Anymore

What is digital advertising?

Digital Advertising refers to any (paid) ads on digital platforms. The most common platforms are Google and Facebook. In our opinion, you can get 90% of all relevant ad placements from Google and Facebook.
Google, for example, includes Google Search Ads, Google Display Network, Youtube, Google Shopping, Google Search Partners (such as gumtree). Facebook includes Instagram, Facebook Partner networks.
Other platforms are Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok,…

What does a digital advertising agency do?

For starters, the right digital advertising agency should make you money from your ad spend. They will work with you to identify the best strategy to apply. An excellent digital advertising agency will then check your website and make sure that you have the right foundation to run ads to. They will then set up conversion tracking and create your campaigns and ads for you. Once the campaign is live, they will keep you in the loop as to how well the ads are performing, and what improvements can be made. Each month you should know what your agency is doing. How much money you’re spending and most importantly how much money you’re making.

What’s the difference between digital advertising and digital marketing?

Often these terms are used interchangeably. Incorrectly in our opinion. Digital advertising refers to any paid ads run on digital channels, such as Google or Facebook. Digital marketing can include paid advertising, but would also include any other marketing activities undertaken digitally. For example, Digital marketing would consist of, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), organic social media posting, outreach and engagement, email marketing, paid or free influencer outreach, …

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