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Sunshine Coast Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency

We’ve been around since 2012 and have helped hundreds of companies with their digital marketing and advertising needs. Our core marketing services include Google ads management, Google Shopping, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, social media marketing, influencer marketing, display advertising, video ads and native advertising.

As a Sunshine Coast Digital Advertising & Marketing Experts, we have managed more than $1.8 Million in ad spend in the last 12 month (September 2019). Just over $800K was spent on e-commerce advertising campaigns and generated over $11 Million in revenue (14X ROI).

We also generated 13497 leads for an average cost per lead of $25.

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What Our Customers are Saying

Johannes, Joost and their team built a website that presents professionally and clean. The price was actually affordable. When we got the bill, we were really happy with it. And we’ve now actually handed over even more of the work that we do.

James Eveland

James Eveland

Chargers Direct

With a new business, you obviously need a website and support. And I’m glad I went with Cloud Clicks because my website is amazing. Cloud Clicks made it very easy. Johannes and his team are fantastic, and they’ve been really successful in bringing in new clients.

Matthew Ford - Ford Acupuncture

Matthew Ford

Ford Acupuncture

For every dollar we spend we see 6-7 returns, which is fantastic. This means that our online store is now outperforming some of our physical locations


Boris Schaber


Joe Viveiros
Joe Viveiros
00:53 30 Jun 23
They're ace
Gwen Stewart
Gwen Stewart
01:27 09 Jun 23
Very positive experience helped with facebook, instagram and You tube
Angela Nennie
Angela Nennie
05:06 10 Feb 23
The amount of compliments I get on my website is astounding. So many of my clients have mentioned that after visiting an online directory, they chose to work with me over other ADHD Coaches because of my site. I think they've really captured my personality with the branding and I'm thrilled with it.Originally I was going to try building my own site but I'm so glad I ended up making the decision to chat with Joannes and the team at Cloud Clicks (which admittedly, includes my husband). Johannes took the time to help me get clarity on my branding and provided advice on setting up my site to maximise any future marketing activities.Throughout the build, Joost (my husband) was my point person. While he maintains that I was by far the most indecisive client they'd ever worked with (#ADHD), the team were always quick to implement my feedback, providing their own invaluable ideas and feedback as we went. They were so patient and lovely. I honestly could not recommend them more.

Grow Your Client Base With Data-Driven
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Formerly known as
Adwords help you to
attract the right people at the right time. When they search for you. Let us help you to get the most from your investment with Google.



Tap into billions of
potential customers using Facebooks advanced matching capabilities. Whatever business you are in, your customers are already on Facebook.



We build websites that rank well, fast and represent your business well. Don’t get distracted by shiny designers, when you can get a website that is optimised to grow your business from day one.


Sunshine Coast Digital Marketing & Advertising Specialists

We are a Sunshine Coast digital marketing & advertising agency, servicing clients on the Sunshine Coast, in Sunshine Coast, and all across Australia. Rather than being generalists, attempting to be all things to all men, we are ad platform specialist focused on generating the best possible results on Google and Facebook. This means that we are not a full-service agency. Instead, we obsess on squeezing the best possible results out of the few platforms we focus on. And this strategy gets the best results for our clients. As a matter of fact, for years, a lot of “full-service agencies” from the Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra would outsource their Google and Facebook campaigns to us.

Sunshine Coast Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency

If you’re a Sunshine Coast-based business, why would you want to outsource your online marketing to an expensive advertising agency in Sunshine Coast, Melbourne or Sydney? Wouldn’t it make more sense to hire a Sunshine Coast marketing team, that can provide the same digital advertising services to you? The same or even better service at a lower price? Plus if you want to touch base, you set up a meeting and catch up — In-Person, rather than on Skype.


Creative Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency Sunshine Coast

Cloud Clicks is a digital agency specialising in online marketing and advertising services to businesses on the Sunshine Coast. Unlike many other marketing agencies, we do everything in-house. We don’t have huge overheads, which means you get a better service, at a better price in a better timeframe. Win, Win, Win. Talk to us now and let us be your Sunshine Coast marketing team.

Digital advertising and marketing services we provide:


The local marketing team for Sunshine Coast businesses

If you are reading this, you are looking for an advertising agency in Sunshine Coast that can take care of your online marketing needs. Stop searching and give us a call. We’ve been around since 2012, and we won’t go anywhere in a hurry. We’re based in Maroochydore, and our whole team is physically in Sunshine Coast (well, most of the time). We get results for our clients. Promised. Just check out our testimonials. I just recently talked to a client that had an agency, and things were going OK. He knew that he could do better, but wasn’t sure about taking the risk of switching digital agencies. Well, he did, and within 30 days we increased his revenue by over 60%. If you think your business should do better, get in touch for a free strategy session.

Winning Digital Advertising Strategy

A lot of business owners make the mistake of hiring a design agency to do their internet marketing for them. While I am a huge fan of design and love beautiful web design. What I like more is a lightning-fast website that ranks well, speaks to the ideal customer, converts them to a lead, and drives conversions. All too often do I come across bloated websites that don’t say anything at all. Yes, they’re pretty, but the images are so big, it takes precious seconds to load. A winning digital advertising strategy starts with a clear idea of your customer, their needs, and your solution. Once you have that in place, we can help you to blow the lid of your traffic problem and get you all the leads you want.


Social Media Marketing and Advertising vs Offline

Are you tired yet of all the gurus telling you one million things you need to do to be successful online? You’re trying to replicate things, but it’s not working? It reminds me of a story, where one of our clients spend $30K on yellow pages ads. He then started tracking incoming calls and realised that he didn’t get a single client. Another client of mine spent $100K on in-flight magazine ads. When he began tracking his sales, he realised that he only made one sale in 12 months from this magazine. I don’t think I have to tell you. You should know precisely what your money in online marketing is buying you. If you’re unsure, you need to talk to an online advertising expert.

Why Hire Cloud Clicks as Your Sunshine Coast Advertising Agency?

Our team at Cloud Clicks is proud to provide a comprehensive selection of advertising services to our clients in and around Sunshine Coast. Our passionate team of specialists can provide your business with the advertising strength it needs to compete with larger firms and maintain relevance.

However, you might not fully understand how an advertising agency in Sunshine Coast can help, so we’ve put together this brief list of benefits and a short Q&A to help you understand the power of a professional advertising agency.


A cost-effective way to grow your business

Advertising agencies are experts at analysing your business and developing strategies that can help grow your business. By optimising your marketing approach, Cloud Clicks can help you lower the amount of money you’re expected to pay per sales lead. This results in much higher returns on your marketing investment and can provide your business with more capital to work with.

A team of experts to help you

Advertising can be a massive undertaking because it involves many different skills. Whether it’s writing up content like product descriptions or creating Facebook ads, our expert advertising agency in Sunshine Coast is fully-equipped and capable of providing your business with a range of different services. By utilising all of our talents, you can create a comprehensive marketing campaign to grow your business drastically.


A chance to focus on the essential things

Creating promotional campaigns and developing marketing strategies will take much time. It’s vital that you hire someone to help you manage it so that you can spend your time on other essential tasks, such as developing new products or attending trade shows to present your product to the masses.

There are many more advantages to hiring an advertising agency in Sunshine Coast to take over your marketing duties. If you have any questions or concerns, then feel free to contact us today for more information. We’ve also made a short Q&A to help you understand what it is that Cloud Clicks can offer and help with.


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