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If you are in chiropractic practice wanting to get in the digital marketing game to look for new patients, you are on the right page. Chiropractic services are in demand. There are probably hundreds of potential patients on search engines right at this moment looking for a chiro clinic to relieve their muscle tension and fix their bone alignment – they are looking for you.

Cloud Clicks can help potential clients find you at the peak of their interest, which is while they are doing a web search to find the best chiropractors in their vicinity. With the right website design and a solid online marketing strategy, you can watch your chiropractic practice grow along with your online presence.

By doing search engine optimization, our digital marketing team can help your chiropractic website come up on search results whenever potential patients look up keywords such as “chiropractic offices” in your locality. We can also do paid ads and guest posts on relevant blogs and magazines where people can see you.

In time, we aim to have new patients have you on top of their mind whenever they think of chiropractic treatment. The power of digital marketing can work to your advantage. The key is finding the right team and the right message for your target audience.

Cloud Clicks are that team. Sunshine Coast Web Design Experts we are very experienced in all facets of website design & development.

Recommended content focus for a chiropractic website

Who are the people looking for chiropractic services? Finding out the profile of patients looking for access to chiropractic services is crucial in the marketing strategy that the team will create for you.

Knowing who your target audience is enables the marketing professional team to strategize the tone and focus of the copy fit for them . There are tools that enable professionals to determine the online behaviors of target groups and get the words and phrases they use in their search.

From the homepage, the copy of your chiropractic website must contain relevant information that is strategically spread on other pages to promote engagement throughout the website.

Considering that chiropractic practice is in the health and wellness industry, the tone should be caring, professional and positive. Chiropractors are seen as the experts in bone alignments. Patients come to them for solutions to body pains. It would be reassuring to find that the website of chiropractors within your locality are deemed experts in their field – this impression is set simply by using the right tonality and images on the website.

The homepage sets the tone of the whole site. From the color to the look and feel, the content on the homepage is carried over to all the other pages throughout the website.

With this, the best practice is to highlight the benefits of the chiropractic treatments through the main header as well as through images and video integration.

With a strong copy and visual from the homepage, visitors immediately can tell if they will consider your chiro practice over the others that they found from their web search.

Chances are, you will not be the only chiropractic website they will check out. In fact, they will probably look at several others and only read beyond the first page of the sites they prefer. It is the task of the homepage to immediately showcase the highlights of choosing your chiropractic office over the others.

highlight credibility of chiropractic profession

Do you have over a decade of experience? Do you have clients who are happy to give testimonials on how effective your service is? How about awards and extra certificates related to the field of chiropractic practice?

There is nothing more enticing than seeing your professional achievements on your chiropractic website. New patients would be triggered to try you out while old patients may consider repeating the service.

You are the star of your chiropractic website so take full advantage of this space to showcase your achievements. This is the best way to establish your credibility to clients who do not know you yet.

Many visitors have never tried chiropractic treatments in the past and may be considering other ways to relieve their body aches. Giving information on how you can help target pain points may bridge the gap between awareness and trial.

establish benefits of chiropractic treatments

Chiropractic care is a functional medicine that aims to ease body ailments. Highlighting the proven benefits through videos and images would give chiropractic websites a positive health and wellness vibe that visitors are after.

Create a design inspiration that patients desire so that they can almost feel the benefits of having access to a chiropractor.

Images are powerful. They may be simple photos of middle aged people able to freely stretch their backs or images of people who are free from pains – but if these are the aspirations of the target audience who are looking for chiropractic services, then you will hit the spot.

give information on chiropractic treatment and various services

With the powerful website design and copy, clients will be eager to access your chiropractic office. They will be wanting more and more details before they finally book.

Take advantage of their involvement and provide complete information through internal links that are strategically placed in various pages within the site. Internal links means that it leads to the specific information that the client is looking for within your domain. Details such as a complete list of available treatments and services that are offered at your chiropractic office will be helpful.

As an extra push, you can offer packaged rates for 3 or more booked services or any special offers for a limited amount of time. The point is to make sure that at the height of client interest, the copy will work hard to close the sale.

Aside from pushing for higher conversion, providing relevant details and internal links would help increase your ranking in search engines such as google.

information on your chiropractic officer and branches

Businesses would want to make it easier for clients to find their business information online. You can use google maps to show exactly where your branches are located.

A call to action to inquire or book an appointment at your chiropractic office would cut the time of your potential patients to book your service. Call to action with quick links to a phone number, an email, a booking form or the like is a great function for chiropractic websites as it is a push for conversion.

important elements in a good chiropractic website design

Following online marketing best practice grow your chances of ranking for search engines such as google. Custom websites can have specific functions and copy strategy to attract more patients within their specific fields but a new website can still follow best practices to rank for keywords.

  1. strong homepage
    A good website will have a homepage that potential clients will find engaging enough to browse through the rest of the pages. Ideally, potential patients are greeted by a delightful image that highlights the benefits of visiting a chiro clinic.
    • clean layout
      Strong homepage does not equate to a loud one. A clean layout is more pleasurable to see than a cluttered one with too much photos and details. Stick to a select image and one impactful phrase to greet site visitors as they come to your landing page. A clean design is more fitting for chiropractors to market their business.
    • choose appropriate color scheme
      The color scheme depends on the branding that the chiropractic professional prefers. Usually it follows the current color scheme of the logo. Chiropractic websites should be consistent with the branding of the chiro practice.
      Following the clean design inspiration, the color scheme on chiropractic websites are ideally light to the eyes. Loud clashing colors are not fitting for the simple layout that we are going after.
      A website that looks clean and neat is likely to attract more leads than a website with loud colors and contains too many images.
  2. relevant, creative copy
    A lot of detail goes into the copy of web pages because the copy has a very important job to accomplish. A copy created to simply sell, might sound too pushy, while a copy that is too creative will not be clear.
    A website copywriter will need to balance creativity, relevance as well as SEO knowledge to maximize the online presence of the website.
    A chiro clinic website is a high involvement service. This means that heavy consideration is needed before a patient decides to book a service. They will search the site for pertinent information from the benefits of the service to proximity of the clinics. Make sure that all information is available and easy to understand. For example, over just stating the address of the chiropractic clinics, you can use google maps to pinpoint locations.
  3. convert visitors
    A good website is measured by its ability to convert visitors into patients. The main job of the digital marketing team is to find ways to drive traffic into the chiro clinic website. Ideally the more visitors see the website, the more patients it converts.
    If the digital marketing team is successful in driving online traffic to the website created, it means that the SEO strategy is effective. The problem is if the website design fails to deliver more patients, then it means that the site needs to be reviewed and revised to work harder.
  4. page loads fast
    Establishing how good a chiropractic business services is completes one aspect of digital marketing. Unfortunately, no matter how good an impression the chiropractors give through their websites, if it takes forever to load from google, they will simply hop on to other websites that load faster.
    As basic as it sounds, many still make the mistake of taking website loading speed for granted. Designers have to consider these when making a new site. It is as simple as choosing a reputable hosting service and optimizing the images on the site to help the business website load fast.
  5. overall design is good on any device
    Visitors will be searching for chiropractors from google using either their computers or their mobile phones. Online marketing experts factor in this detail with every site created. They make sure that websites look as good on a mobile device as they do from a computer screen. Business services should show clearly from any device a visitor decides to check from.
  6. SEO ready
    The success of your online presence greatly depends on your SEO strategy. For a website to be SEO ready means that all elements to help search engines, such as google, read your website are in place. This enables your site to come up on search results pages whenever specific keywords are typed on the search engine.
    Your marketing team will put heavy emphasis on SEO best practice marketing services to place into your website. A good website design might go to waste if the website does not see enough traffic.

Why you need a digital marketing expert to create your chiropractic website

Digital marketing experts are able to determine the important elements that make a website effective from all stages of the marketing funnel. That is from awareness all the way to conversion – there is a science that goes behind the marketing activity and website design.

Good chiropractic services will sell better if the website is able to get communication points across. There are dozens of chiropractic practices around your area trying to get the attention of the same people you are communicating with. Your website best stands out and effectively communicates the proven health benefits of your services through the online channel.

Why are keywords essential for businesses to thrive in the digital marketing game

SEO marketing is a proven way to drive visitors to a website. For a chiropractic practice to be successfully marketed online, they should be able to rank for keywords that patients will likely use to find their website online.

For example, a patient may type “chiropractors in Brisbane” or “chiropractor services” or “chiropractic business” when they are looking for chiropractors in their area. Chiropractors websites that have ranked for those terms will have the advantage of bagging the potential patients since their website will show on the search result whereas yours will not if you have no ranked for those words.

There are online tools available to check the exact words that visitors are typing. This is called a keyword search and it will do chiropractors a lot of good to know how they are being searched by patients online.

hard working landing page helps SEO marketing

A landing page is very critical to online marketing for a chiropractor website as it receives the traffic from organic search or external links. A good website design serves as a hook to engage visitors and encourage them to browse the website further. The clicks from the landing page helps increase the ranking of the site.

Another way for the homepage to help SEO is by using the target keyword on the meta tag. The meta description is highly visible to search engines so that when the word is used on the title tag, google will have a better chance of pulling the website on the search result page.

achieve high conversion rate

SEO marketing is very important for a website to achieve high conversion rates. First of all, without sufficient traffic being directed to the site, the website design goes to waste – it will not even see the light of day.

The more traffic successfully directed to the site, the more patients one can expect to produce. The job of online marketing goes from awareness all the way to purchase. In every step of the marketing funnel, online efforts match the client mindset so that they are properly guided into their decision to purchase.

A website does wonders for a chiropractors’ practice to expand. It is not an instant solution though. Having a website is not enough. It takes more effort and practice to constantly audit the performance of the chiropractors’ website and ensure that the numbers are according to plan.

Digital marketing inspiration for chiropractic websites?

An excellent website design for chiropractors will help their practice reach growth and success. An inspiring digital marketing practice for chiropractors is one that would achieve good conversion rates for years to come.

By showing the health benefits of availing your services, potential clients will be enticed to find out more about your practice and consider trial.

Go with a digital marketing team that is dedicated to growing your business through the digital channel. Book an appointment with Cloud Clicks now and allow us to explain how your chiropractic website can inspire patients to avail your services!



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