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Job seekers are looking for the right job for them via web search. At the same time, a modern recruitment agency holding hundreds of potential jobs are looking for candidates via the same channel.

The recruitment industry has shifted to digital with thousands of potential candidates to match job vacancies just waiting for the right talent. If you are a recruiting agency planning to improve your web design or just about to begin your online presence, you are on the right page. Cloud Clicks can make your recruitment website design stand out above the rest with a high impact web design that meets the highest standards of technical requirements to ensure a fast, reliable and engaging recruitment website.

The team understands that job seekers need to establish trust before considering going through recruitment websites for their job search. The process of finding a new job and also finding the right staffing are both high involvement activities. Careful consideration is taken on both ends as mistakes can be costly to a business and a candidate.

Your website has a tough job ahead. The team at Cloud Clicks are well prepared for any web design sunshine coast projects

When people’s futures are at stake, extra effort is put into the site especially if the brand has not been established.

Recruitment website design for new recruitment agency

For relatively new recruitment agencies, it will require extra effort to get visitors to click on to your homepage. Chances are, job seekers may have preference on which recruitment agency to type in their web search. This means that they intend to only click on the recruitment website that they are familiar with.

Because of this, your digital marketing team should understand how to catch the attention of web searchers and attract them to your landing page.

the marketing funnel

Companies need to understand the purchasing process that coincides with the marketing funnel. Specifically for recruitment websites, conversion is when visitors decide to sign up for a job search with your recruitment agency.

Understanding the marketing funnel is crucial for professional recruitment to succeed in building their brand through the digital channel. Here is the process for recruiters to attract new clients to their page:


This is the first point of contact of potential clients with your brand. It may be a paid ad that corresponds to keywords that your business is going after. Studying the online behavior of a talent, one can identify digital content points where blog posts and paid ads can be posted.

The objective is to get visitors to see the recruitment agency ad and click on it so they can view your new website over another website that ranks in their web search.

interest and consideration

At this point, the recruitment crowd will have been exposed to your landing page. A great website will attract the visitors and encourage them to stay and find out more about your recruitment agency.

Elements like background videos, photos and other images that highlight the aspirations of clients may attract visitors to proceed with their search within the page. Traffic that comes into the site enables businesses to reach out to them for career opportunities.

The more attractive the landing page is, the more traffic will keep coming and the more candidates you can gather in your database for recruiting.

intent and evaluation

When engagement on the website is high, then it shows that the visitor has an intent to avail of the services offered. At this stage, the site visitors are buying into the concept of your branding which means the website is doing its job.

An example of encouraging engagement would be offering credible career advice as well as showing job categories where they can submit their resume. Getting their contact information is also a great idea. Those who have serious intent in finding a new job through your site would likely be willing to give their contact information.


For recruitment agency websites, purchase equates to singing up as a candidate for the agency. For many recruitment agencies, this is the final step of the process. For us, this is just the beginning of the next chapter of the relationship.

There is still opportunity for future endeavors. Plus, those with positive experience with your recruitment website are the best marketers to promote you to their peers.

Establishing your brand is hard work but it is not impossible. Having a team like Cloudclicks, who has the expertise in both web design and the technical know how, is a huge factor in your business success. We can help you navigate through the intricacies of digital advertising to build a long-term online presence.

Brand development requires deep knowledge in every step of the marketing funnel that coincides with clients’ decision process. From awareness to after sales – we can create an attractive image for your company through your website.

With a solid digital marketing strategy, your recruitment website will do an amazing job matching high potential job seekers with the perfect job for many years to come.

The importance of a good web design for recruiting agencies

More and more businesses in the recruitment industry are switching to digital for staffing projects. As they all compete for attention from the same audience, it is becoming more challenging for recruitment website design to stand out.

A recruitment agency needs to do the following for their website in order to gain high potential candidates as well as staffing project from clients:

  • establish trust
    Recruitment websites need to establish a professional and caring brand. They need to get the message across that recruitment is a mutually beneficial transaction. Employers need good candidates and good candidates need a good employer.
    A recruitment agency enables these two to find each other through their services and it begins with a good website design.
  • inspiration for their future career
    More than jobs, what you are offering are careers. Free advice for long term career planning will matter to the target audience engaged on your website. It serves as an inspiration and gives the impression that they are in good hands.
  • attract employers
    For employers, you have to establish that you are providing them with a solution to their staffing needs. With numerous resumes in different categories, they will be able to browse through potential employees in a matter of minutes. This is one example of how your website can provide solutions for businesses.
  • attract job seekers
    The reason why visitors are looking for your website is to find credible companies to grow their careers with. They will have a dozen questions and information to request for. Recruitment agencies are the main contact for the company with staffing requirements. They must be able to answer questions such as salary expectations and scope of work.

Elements of a good recruitment website design

A good web design for a recruitment company is one that attracts attention, encourages engagement and also converts. While it seems like these all depend on design alone, it actually involves form (web design) and function (technical elements) to consider websites successful.

impactful visuals on the homepage

The main job of the homepage is to serve as an inspiration to convince visitors that they are in the right company. A visual like background video can be attractive to show the benefits of finding jobs through your site.

A high impact visual does not mean loud and colorful. Choosing a clean and well organized content is a smarter way to use white space. Keeping your site simple is more appealing than loud contrasting colors.

copy that appeal to job seekers and employers

Show the long term advantages of the jobs you offer on your site.

For employers, you can show that your recruiters take into account the success of their businesses by providing employees who are the perfect fit for the jobs they require.

showcase the benefits of going through your recruitment agency

Focus on the benefits of hiring your service over others. There are hundreds of other recruitment agencies offering the same service so think of what sets you apart and communicate it loud and clear on your website. Your web design helps communicate your branding.

recommended functions

Specifically for recruitment website design, there are functions that could make your website more convenient than others. Here are examples of how your website can stand out.

upload resume

You can build a database of resumes divided into categories to make it easier for companies to browse through available candidates.

post job vacancies with complete details

For recruiters, they can upload job vacancies including the expectations and salary grades so that the job seeker can easily target the jobs they want or aren’t interested in – this cuts the process for both the recruiters and the talent. It saves time and energy.


Having testimonials is a great way to entice visitors to sign up for your recruitment services. Seeing how others have successfully found their dream job through your website is one of the best hooks to convince visitors to sign up as well.

fast loading time

It is a standard for every website to aim for a fast loading time. You are talking to professionals, it is a given that they are not going to wait more than a couple of seconds for your site to load.

easy to navigate

Information can be confusing. A good recruitment website design is easy to navigate. You can encourage visitors to browse through all the information by providing internal links within your website. This is also a great way to rank for keywords!

mobile friendly

You never know if your clients are browsing your website via their computer or their mobile phone so in planning your web design, it is very important to make sure that the content shows well in whatever device clients are browsing from.

SEO ready

Search engine optimization is very important to constantly drive traffic to your site. Whether it is for a new website or not, this aspect will ensure that your site will keep attracting visitors for years to come.

Book an appointment for your awesome recruitment website design

With Cloud Clicks, you are sure that your website will have all elements needed for a successful digital presence.

Our team has been providing top notch websites both in terms of visual design and technical aspects. We do not just make pretty sites, our websites work hard to convert visitors into clients.

Set KPIs and work towards your goals

We can set key performance indicators and work together toward driving your business goals. With a good website design and a solid digital advertising strategy in place, your recruitment agency will be overflowing with projects in no time.



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James Eveland

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Matthew Ford

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