After living in Townsville, Mount Isa and Darwin for the last 8 years, I finally attended my first Google Engage master class.

Google Engage master classes are events exclusively for Google Engage members, where you learn from industry leaders in online marketing and gain insights into new Google products, AdWords innovations and best practice techniques.

Dave Booth from CardinalPath was sharing about Adwords and Analytics News, before going into sales strategies. Which was actually quite good and helpful even though not what I expected.

The last session of the day was titled Our Multiscreen World: Research on Australian media consumption and behavior.  To start things off, I am not a big believer in research that only takes a small percentage of consumers into consideration, and proves a point based on that small number.  And even though Google presented this research, it was only based off of 1745 participants. However, I know that I do use multiple devices at the same time, so there sure is some truth to it.

According to this study we mainly use 4 media devices

  1. smartphones
  2. tablets
  3. PC/Laptop
  4. TV

We use different devices based of the amount of time we have or need.

The goal we want to accomplish.

Our location.

Our attitude and state of mind.

Computers keep us informed and productive
Tablets keep us entertained
Smartphones keep us connected
TV keep us entertained

Quite often however, we will be using multiple devices, or we will be moving from one device to another. I know that I sometime browse or search something, then send an email to myself and finalize things later on my laptop. Or I quite often surf on my iPad or iPhone while watching TV.

According to Google, sequential screening is common & mostly completed within a day. 81% use multiple screens sequentially to accomplish a task over time.

One device no longer commands all our attention, and as marketers we need to pay attention to this trend.

To view the full study, visit this link