how to advertise on google

Did you know that Google advertising revenue contributed to 83.3% of the Alphabet’s total revenue in 2019? Google is the largest search engine with more than 70% share of the search market. If you’re not advertising on Google, you’re missing out on potential leads.

Most small businesses find Google advertising incomprehensible. Given the dynamic nature of this giant platform, you can’t blame business owners who have not embraced Google ads. Understanding how to go about Google advertising should be a priority if you want to remain competitive.

Are you trying to learn how to advertise on Google? Here is a guide on the key things to know. 

What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads refers to an online advertising platform where businesses pay for advertisements to appear on Search Engine Results Pages on Google. This pay-per-click advertising allows companies to place their advertisements to the right audience at opportune moments. Google ads are highly effective in increasing traffic to a website besides growing the conversion rate.

Search ads almost resemble typical Google results. However, they have a small inscription ‘Ad,’ which shows that it’s an advertisement. Google ads appear before all organic results.

Google Ads, which are under PPC advertising, produce immediate results. Your ad ranking depends highly on relevance and the quality of the ad. You need to ensure that your landing page is in the best state for the click-throughs to bear results. 

How Does Google Ads Work? 

If Google Ads is a new concept, understanding how it works will give you significant headway in your PPC marketing. Google Ads work like an auction. While your bid plays a central role in determining your rank, Google prioritizes relevance and quality of ad campaigns.

Google Ads levels the ground for all advertisers. If you’re a small business, you don’t have to worry about competing for ad space with other large and multinational organizations. With the right keywords, you can compete favourably.

Keywords are central to Google Ads. The keywords refer to the potential words that the target audience search for as they seek solutions. As such, advertisers need a list of relevant keywords to complement their bids. 

How to Advertise on Google 

So, how do I advertise on Google? Now that you’re familiar with most Google ad terms and how it works, you’re probably wondering how to start your campaign. Here are the steps to take;

Get an Account and Create a Campaign 

You need to open the Google Ads Manager account with your website’s address and email credentials. Once you have an account, create your campaign. You have to specify the campaign type you want to run. 

Have a Marketing Goal

While at it, you ought to select a marketing goal. The primary marketing goals are website traffic, leads, app promotion, brand awareness, product consideration, and sales. Your goals will determine the direction your campaign takes. 

Next, click the search button for text ad creation and tap to continue. You’ll also have to specify how you will achieve your goals in Google advertising. Depending on your goal, Google will present options, which you can select to establish the advertising path to take. 

Audience Targeting 

Language and location are the central considerations in audience targeting. On the location, select regions that you’d want your ad to show. Given that the online sector has risen by 12%, it would help to be specific in audience targeting to take advantage of the local target audience.

On the location settings, click the location options to select the location targeting you desire for your Google Ads. You can exclude some locations to make your target more specific. Radius targeting will also ensure that you have control over the strategy. 

Set Your Google Ads Budget

When learning how to advertise on Google, understanding the pay-per-click model is crucial. With Google, you only pay when users click on your ads. You can start with a minimal budget and increase your bid as you get more traffic and sales. 

If you’re starting, a daily budget of $10 is great. Select your desired bid strategy and ad interaction.

Choose the Right Keywords and Start Bidding 

Your keyword selection will determine if your bid will succeed. Your keywords depend on your niche; Keyword Planner can prove useful in determining the right keywords. You can use longtail keywords or keyword matching options to reduce competition and increase traffic on your site. 

Now that you have promising keywords, it’s time to bid, which you can do manually or automatically. In automatic bidding, the systems find the keywords and bid depending on your budget. While manual bidding can be daunting, it gives you more control as you choose the perfect keywords for your small business. 

Create Ad Content 

When structuring your Google Ad content, search engine optimization should be central. Use keywords wisely to help in ranking. The keywords you used in bidding should be in your ad’s body. 

More importantly, have a clear and concise CTA. Provide the right link and ensure that your landing page isn’t a turnoff. With new Google ads, a mistake can jeopardize your click-through-rates. 

Launch the Campaign

Kudos! You’re almost there with Google advertising. After confirming all the details of your campaign, it’s time to launch it. 

A campaign launches on the start date, which can be within 24 hours. Put the payment information and tap the ‘Continue to Campaign’ button for your campaign to go live. You can review the campaign to make any changes before the assessment by Google. 

After your campaign has gone live, monitoring and optimizing your ad are crucial steps that you should never ignore. With campaign analytics such as conversions, click-through rates, and impressions, you can establish how the ad performs.

Learning How to Advertise on Google Can Be a Gamechanger in Your Digital Marketing

Google Ads offers a range of benefits that you can’t afford to miss. Whether you’re running a small or medium-sized business, Google Ads will positively impact your brand. Now that you’ve learned how to advertise on Google, make the first step, and in no time, your product will be a household name!

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