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In the past, businesses had to perpetually rely on traditional marketing tactics by advertising through flyers, signages, billboards, and the like. But with technology rapidly changing how people interact and communicate with each other, these promotional strategies are no longer as effective and compelling as they used to be.

With that said, businesses must modify their marketing strategies to meet the expectations and needs of modern consumers. This is the reason many brands currently incorporate the use of new technology within their organisations for a fruitful interaction with their target market.

Unfortunately, what works for others might not work for you. Thus, there’s a need to explore all available options to identify which ones will be useful for your business. That being so, let’s examine some of the ways companies incorporate the use of technology within their marketing strategies below:

1. Responsive Websites

Back in the day, businesses didn’t need websites at all. But now that most people are using search engines (aka Google) to make inquiries about particular products or services, it has become relatively essential for brands to have one to make them easily reachable.

Furthermore, it’s no longer enough to just create a normal website. Because of the increasing number of people relying on smartphones, companies had to opt for responsive websites that cater to multiple devices.

2. Social Media Platforms

Nowadays, social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are no longer reserved for simply connecting people with friends and family. In fact, they now play a critical role in communicating with businesses, sharing news, and much more.

Additionally, social media applications make for powerful marketing tools. In fact, many brands are using their accounts to interact with their target audience. Some even use these platforms for pay-per-click advertising, which is a digital marketing tactic that allows brands to create targeted ads across different platforms.

3. Video Content

People have always preferred watching videos over reading articles. For this reason, companies relied on commercials.. But now that people spend more hours browsing through the internet than watching television, marketers are starting to invest in video marketing instead.

Today, videos remain a major instrument for driving more traffic. In fact, statistics show that brands that are concentrating on developing and enhancing their video marketing strategies have higher chances of success in the future. After all, compared with other marketing tools, videos are leading when it comes to conversions!


Aside from the few that are listed above, there are many ways businesses can incorporate digital tools in their marketing efforts. In fact, there are numerous software programs that are being used in modern marketing strategies like lead generation, search engine optimisation, and more. That being said, there’s no doubt that further technological advancements will only continue to change how brands market online. Stay updated and informed on new trends that might come up in the future since the world of marketing is ever-changing!

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