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If you are a psychologist looking to build your own private practice or preparing for a larger practice, you have come to the right place. Having your own website is a great way to reach prospective clients. It is an effective venue to establish your brand personality since the decision process in finding a therapist usually starts from a web search.

The first thing that comes to mind in planning a new website is the web design. It is common for new clients to ask the designer a million questions about images, color palette and fun ideas that would be helpful in making their ideal website. Cloud Clicks has the design expertise to create an impactful design exactly to their clients’ liking. The Web Design Sunshine Coast Experts

The content (visuals and copy) is just one aspect of web design. A good website design gives importance to the visual element as well as the technical parameters to ensure that it is search engine optimized. This is very important as SEO will ensure that potential clients will be able to find your page through search engines.

Having a website is only the beginning of a long and exciting digital marketing journey that clients go through in deciding to purchase. Because of the delicate nature of mental health, keep in mind that the copy requires a warm and professional tone that reflects your own practice.

There is a high probability that more clients searching for therapist websites are currently struggling and we will have to hold their hand through the process of booking a therapy session.

There is a chance that many potential clients first need to be convinced that they, in fact, need professional help before shifting focus on choosing your private practice to help them.

A brilliant way to address this challenge is to provide relevant information about psychology. By providing examples of success models through a positive hero image is social proof that your method is beneficial to clients like themselves.

Reach potential client through your website

A successful website is hard work. It requires careful planning in terms of web design as well as technical design.

A new website can be launched within weeks. It takes much longer to complete the digital advertising strategy. Careful planning, tracking and regular tweaks are normal within the first few months of a website launch as digital marketing experts observe visitors behavior within the web page.

Once the website development is complete, the next big task – even bigger than having created the therapist website – is driving visitors to your own site. To do this, you will need an excellent digital marketing team. They will provide a comprehensive plan to systematically drive more and more clients to your therapy website.

This process is called SEO strategy. Simply put, you would want your private practice to be seen by as many clients as possible.

There are hundreds of therapists offering their service through their website, how can your own website stand out or catch the attention of these potential clients?

With a solid SEO plan in place, your website will rank for target keywords that clients use in searching for a website. Every time these keywords are used on Google or any search engine, the goal of digital marketing is to make sure that your website is on the first page of the search results.

Do a keyword search to identify possible keywords

Knowing the words that clients are putting in search tabs when researching on a great therapist, is a good start in making an SEO plan.

A great example for keywords that may be used for a therapist website is “counseling services.”

There are online analytics tools to use to find keyword search information. For the example of “counseling services” the data available will include URLs of websites ranking for the same words. You will then see if, number 1, the keywords are relevant and second, if a lot of your competitors are using them.

The less competitors you have for a set of keywords, the easier it will be to attain higher ranking. This also means that you can sooner see the fruits of your SEO marketing labor.

A good website helps your branding

Therapist websites are tricky to brand. A great therapist website is able to find a unique claim or something special about their practice that would stand above all the other therapist websites in the world.

You can create a brand personality for your private practice to show interested visitors who you are as a professional. The photos or images you choose to upload as well as the tone of the copy will be your branding for a long time to come.

These are take aways that people will remember about you before meeting you – and possibly even after they have had their first therapy with you.

For more ideas on what you want for your own site, you can check other therapist website examples as references or bench mark. This will give you a good idea on what it is you want or do not want for your own site.

Seeing what others are doing by checking therapist website examples on the web, shows you how others are building their branding through the online channel.

Advertise your therapist website

Visitors are looking for answers and you are seen as a professional resource for their counseling needs. Paid ads, social media, blog posts, etc. are common channels to promote your therapy or counseling service.

These features as well as paid ads would all link to your therapist website to drive more visitors.

How does one approach advertising something as personal as psychologist services?

One idea would be releasing ads for individual services such as a family course, couples therapy, group counseling, free psychology online seminars and many more. Therapist websites can be fun to advertise despite the serious theme.

Ensure that the landing page of your website is worthy of the attention from these referring sites. One cannot stress the importance of a superior website design.

Similar websites to check for reference

There is bound to be a lot of therapist websites who offer services in the same location as yours. You may learn a lot from visiting your competitor’s website to get an idea for your business website.

  • group counseling website
  • therapy website
  • own practice
  • physical therapy

There are online tools available to help run a competitive analysis on the URLs you are interested to review. You can check the keywords that they use, how they are ranking for them and also the online advertising they engage.

You can also learn a lot from listing down the types of counseling packages, therapy and counseling rates, promotions, etc.

Elements to look for in a good therapist website

A designer would apply best practices when they create a website. For therapist websites with focus on private practice, these elements are all important and not in any particular order:

  • clean layout
    Clutter is painful to the eyes. For those who are in search for therapists, it is more crucial to create an impression of calm.
  • The designer can create a clean layout which makes more sense as it feels encouraging for someone looking for something as important as therapy or counseling.
  • clear messaging
    A warm, professional and clear messaging that matches the visuals prepared by the designer is appealing for a therapist website.
    The content may likely include lengthy copy that serve as resources for interested clients. With this, clear messaging is very important so as not to lose the interest of readers.
  • gentle color palette
    Just like a clean layout, using loud screaming colors is a great example of turning away clients. Use colors that calm every sense. Website design needs to reflect the calm world that therapy tries to instill.
  • SEO ready
    A therapist website will go unnoticed despite an awesome design if the website is not SEO friendly. Search engines will not be able to easily read the content of websites that do not apply best practices. Here are some elements of an SEO friendly site:
    • apply meta tags
      Although not visible to site visitors, meta tags are visible to search engines. These page titles give a description of what the content is about so that when a searcher types in matching keywords, the page will come out on the search results. Of course, keywords are used in meta descriptions to help improve ranking.
    • use keywords in copy
      Knowing how to use keywords within the site content is a huge help in reaching the business goals of your counseling website.
      An impactful hero image as well as photos on the landing page is a great example on how to engange site visitors within the website. The copy though, will be the deciding factor if the therapy website delivers conversion.

Set the appropriate tone with a solid content strategy

Therapist websites are appealing to the target audience when the therapist is established as a credible, professional expert in the field of psychology.

Clients can find therapy intimidating so a therapist website ideally helps break the stigma and give potential clients a sense of comfort.

Highlight the benefits of going through therapy in your private practice. Positive photos of therapy sessions, photos of mental health, happy couples, etc. can help calm the nerves and encourage answering the call to action.

Some examples of content strategy ideas for therapist websites are:

  • provide resources for mental health and wellness
    Being a resource for topics related to the field of psychology that potential patients may be looking for gives them a sense of confidence that they are on the right path to healing.
    Examples of information that people may be looking for are therapy, various kinds of counseling and general information about depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.
  • apply delicate wording
    The tone of copy is very important in therapist websites. A therapist must be be approachable, warm and professional at the same time. The tone created on the site sets the personal impression of clients about your private practice.
  • create relationships
    Therapy is a very personal matter. Choosing a therapist is a high involvement process that requires heavy consideration. Prospective clients will likely check out many other examples of therapist websites and read through every page of every single website, plus browse through the photos, check business address and contact information.
    While a good website design promotes engagement, creating a deeper impression for your therapy business heavily relies on the copy. What you say reflects the kind of relationships you would like to establish with your patients
  • Call to action
    Call to action helps gently push clients into trial sessions or personal inquiries which eventually converts them to patients.
    Whether on digital platform or traditional media, call to action works to encourage potential clients to act on their interest.
    The call to action phrases will then link to appropriate forms such as email sign up or online booking so that we can get their contact details at the peak of their interest.
  • booking form
    An online booking form gives clients a convenient way to book their counseling session. While they are engaged and the interest level in therapist websites is very high, you can take the opportunity to close get their business.
    Clicking the booking form means they are greatly considering to book therapists.
    You can give them an extra push by offering a free trial assessment or a fun group counseling session with therapists. Provide photos to give them a sense of what they are missing if they do not submit the button!

Choose the right team who can help your practice thrive in the digital channel

Choosing the right team to create your website is a big leap to building your successful business through the online channel.

Cloudclicks has created many top notch website designs in various industries that deliver high conversion, they can also build a great therapist website for you.

Keep in mind that website design does not only pertain to the visuals – it covers both the both the creative and the technical aspects.

You can check their websites for examples of website design for clients in the past.

For therapists looking to put up their own website, out team will be happy to work with you to gather relevant insights and the benefits to highlight.

We will be doing extensive research on your competition and an example or two of best website design to use as reference.

Book an appointment with us to discuss your website!

We can set your business goals and key performance indicators (KPI) and work towards achieving them together. Launching therapist websites is just the beginning of your online presence.

Driving visitors and then converting them to customers or patients is a long journey best taken with a team of experts who will deliver.

From a great website design to developing content and then building your SEO strategy – your business will be in good hands in every step of the way.

Your digital activities will be monitored, audited and revised on a regular basis to drive the maximum efficiency of our digital campaign.

If you are looking for a worry-free , impactful website and online marketing strategy to grow your business, you are off to a great start by filling up our appointment form.



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Unlike other agencies, we don’t lock you into any contracts when it comes to digital advertising plans. We understand that there are times when you need to increase your digital presence and times when you need to put things on hold. We’ll work with you to achieve the best outcome for your situation.

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