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Spiritual website design is as much about the look as it is about the vibe it creates.

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Websites set the tone of the establishment they promote. For a website with a spiritual tone, it is vital to find the right people who will be onboard in creating a holistic atmosphere.

Cloud Clicks creates insightful website designs that reflect the vision of their clients. By combining technical expertise with creative graphic design, the end result are websites that represent the passion of the business.

Promote your meditation classes; create a space for artists; advocate peace and healing or simply provide information for your religious community – our designer will make sure that your website touches the soul.

With hundreds of successful websites launched across different industries, The Cloud Clicks web design team applies a tried and tested process to plan for a spiritual website designwith best practices in mind.

Website design elements

For those looking to update their current website or create a new website with a spiritual feel, you are in the right place.

We can discuss your spiritual website design ideas and help create a page with the perfect tone for your branding.

Website design is not just about visuals. A big part of the design goes into planning the technical aspects of the site. Here are brief descriptions of elements to expect for your website.

graphic design

The graphic design of a website must reflect the branding of the business. For example, promoting meditation course offerings would entail a warm copy that matches images showing the peace and mindfulness of someone who is in the process of meditation.

A professional design applies consistent branding across the website. Brand elements such as the logo and colors are laid out harmoniously in a way that is pleasing to the eyes.

search engine optimization

Website designers think beyond the website launch. They ensure that copy is done on WordPress so that text is readable by search engines such as Google.

For example, when a potential client types the words “meditation classes in Melbourne,” google pulls out a list of websites that mention the words: meditation classes Melbourne. Your website will show up somewhere on the search list only if google can read those words on your website.

In case you are wondering, some rookies upload images with the website copy on them so that there is no way for search engines to read the content of the site. It is hard enough to come out within the first 3 pages on the web list for the words “meditation class Melbourne” – the chances are zero if google cannot read your website copy.

It may take a lot of money to quickly rank for keywords but having this support is already a step in the SEO game. In time and with the right keywords, your page may come up in relevant searches.

mobile friendly

A good website design can be viewed well from a mobile device just as well as from a computer screen. Websites reflect a brand, its services and professionalism. Having a shuffled website from a mobile device leaves a negative impression.

You lose your credibility with your audience if you appear to be disorganized. More so for a spiritual website where elements are expected to flow. Services such as meditation courses instantly lose their appeal.

call to action

Call to action works. It is a slight nudge to encourage clients to take the plunge. Pro tip: encourage visitors to answer the contact form – this is the beginning of a possible life long relationship.

user friendly

The website designer takes time going through pages of information to ensure that complete data is organized. No matter how relaxed a site visitor is, even if he had just finished meditation, anyone would lose patience with a website that is confusing.

engaging content

There are souls that yearn for something that transcends life in this world. Meditation, soul searching, holistic exercises are vision that attract spiritual clients. A spiritual website is a peek at a whole different world that not everyone will comprehend.

It takes an insightful designer to capture the life vision of the business and apply it into the website. Perhaps meditation and some magic is part of the job – it gives the artist a deeper insight to the world that the business relates to.

Engaging content is difficult to achieve. It is especially challenging for spiritual websites as the designer opens his world to process the spiritual aspects of life before coming up with a design that reaches the heart of the market.

fast loading time

The most mindful soul will not wait for a slow website to load before deciding to click on another site. Our goal is to load your website on the screen within one second. Fast loading will support the attractiveness of the website.

While meditation is good for the soul, spiritual websites are still expected to work blazing fast.

Full service online marketing and website design package

Having a fantastic website is just the beginning of a business’ online journey. While it is an achievement to capture passion and meditation into a professional website, the success greatly depends on what the business decides to do after the launch.

Our online marketing professionals can help you grow your brand with your website. Book a consultation with us to discuss how a 3-month, 6-month or a 1-year online marketing package can help you reach more audience.

Your website can entice the right people to enlist your establishment. Bulk of the planning and executing will be done by our professional digital marketing team. It takes a lot of work for a successful website to work its magic.

Web Design Sunshine Coast

Get a business website that converts, not a dud

Dear Business Owner,

Give us 10 minutes and we will show you how to outshine and outperform your competitors’ websites!
Performance Improvement Guaranteed!
Did you know that the majority of existing websites on the web are duds? Why?
Most people, including Sunshine Coast web design agencies, have no idea what’s important in a website.

Let me explain.

The majority of people see a website they like and want a similar site.
But this is taking the wrong approach.

Let’s look at 2 websites.

Some Average WordPress Website


The first one is a screenshot of my website.
My website is interactive AND fully loaded within 0.589 seconds.

The next one is a WordPress site I looked at earlier today. This Sunshine Coast business website was just “rebuilt”, and it now is interactive in 12.6 seconds.

This is pretty average. I’d say 90% of websites take more than 10 seconds to load, but that is forever to stare at a blank screen.

Like I said, most web developers don’t know what they’re doing.

In a 2018 research report, Google found that 53% of mobile users leave a site that takes longer than three seconds to load. This number has only increased since then.

Which website would you rather have? Let’s have a chat and find out how fast your website actually is.

So the first important aspect of a website is its load time. This includes where your server is located and how many other websites are hosted on that server. We host our websites on Australian servers. I reduced the load time of my website by 50% just by moving to a better host.

Anyways, if you’re not into websites, this is all mumbo jumbo. What you should do is this. When you get a quote for website development from other sunshine coast web design agencies, ask this: What is the finished website’s gtmetrix score? And, what is the Google Page Speed Insight Score of the final website?



Secure Servers – Blazing
Fast Load Time



Improve Your Conversion Rate



Get a Website That Makes You Money

Web Design Pricing & Packages

All packages include over $42110 in services:

from only $750 per month*

Copywriting Brand Strategy Package $4999
Strategic Marketing Report $3500
Hassle-free, stress-free website management $2988
Anti-Hack Website Security $399
Free website refresh every 18 months $3999
Blazing-fast Australian web hosting $630
All Content (up to 10,000 words) done for you $3500
Quarterly Strategy Session $2994
Website Design and Setup from $5111
Unlimited 20-minute content changes $2988
Tech support $999
Daily and weekly Backups $882
Google and Facebook Advertising tracking setup $999
Website Speed Optimisation and Load Balancing $299
Website Performance Dashboard $342
Ongoing copywriting optimisation $2999
Ongoing website optimisations $3582


Starter Package


per month for 18 months

Websites Includes:

Up to 10 pages set up for you
Unlimited pages and blog posts
Contact Form
Booking form integration
SEO foundation
Quarterly strategy session


Content Package


per month for 18 months

Websites Includes:

Everything in Stratus
18 blog posts
18 months of social media content
18 email mailouts to your database


Content + SEO Growth Package


per month for 18 months

Websites Includes:

Everything in Cumulus plus
Strategic SEO Plan u0026amp; Management
Ongoing content optimisation to improve organic rankings
Webmaster outreach to acquire backlinks
Ongoing work to improve authority score

Optional Add-Ons

  • Google Ads Management from $850 per month
  • Facebook Ads Management from $950 per month
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) from $999 per month

Unlike other agencies, we don’t lock you into any contracts when it comes to digital advertising plans. We understand that there are times when you need to increase your digital presence and times when you need to put things on hold. We’ll work with you to achieve the best outcome for your situation.

*All plans require an initial setup fee of $4999

Sunshine Coast Web Design Agency

If you’re in the market for a new Sunshine Coast website designer, there are a few things you need to be aware of. For starters, if you’re honest, you don’t just want a new stunning website. You want traffic, and you don’t want traffic either, you want leads and sales. Right?

So your website needs to do a few things:

1. Your website needs to rank well and get traffic
2. your website needs to turn traffic into leads
3. your website needs to represent you well.

The problem with most (Sunshine Coast) web designers is just that. They are designers. Most people and web design agencies that we’ve worked with have a graphic design background. In and of itself, that is not a problem, but it becomes a problem when graphic design comes first. In our experience, every excellent website design starts with the right website platform. Once you have decided on the platform, you need to do your keyword research. What terms should your website rank for? As in what business are you in? And what are people searching for? Then you need good content on your website. We have seen terrible looking websites with no graphic design on it. But the content was so good that the website was converting traffic into leads. Then you need to think of your branding, and only then should you think of graphic design.

Click here to have a chat about your new website!


Web Design Sunshine Coast

Why do you need a website?
Think of it this way. Google and Facebook generate more revenue than any other traditional media company. Why? Because they control more eyeballs. So, if you want to get your product or service in front of the right people you gotta be where they are. And, like it or not, people are online. Especially after 2020. So your website is your new business location. Do you have a cheap office, tucked away in some alley? Or do you want to be on the main street where all the traffic is? It’s the same with your website. You need a good website to present your business well.

Then, once you have a good website you need a good digital marketing agency that can put together a digital marketing strategy, such as Google AdsFacebook or Social Media.

We think we should talk 😉

Grow Your Client Base With Data-Driven
and Targeted Strategies



Formerly known as
Adwords help you to
attract the right people at the right time. When they search for you. Let us help you to get the most from your investment with Google.



Tap into billions of
potential customers using Facebooks advanced matching capabilities. Whatever business you are in, your customers are already on Facebook.



When we talk about SEO services, we generally refer to an SEO agency providing services that will increase the organic ranking of your website.

Website platforms:

There is no shortage of website platforms out there. We’ve looked at many platforms and worked on many platforms. Are you selling products through your website and want an eCommerce site? We would recommend either NETO or Shopify. Are you an established business that is getting some good volume through your website? And have brick and mortar locations? We would recommend NETO. If you sell only online or are just starting, Shopify would be the way to go.

For everyone else, a WordPress website or Squarespace site is the way to go. Do yourself a favour and stay away from WIX. We’ve had nothing but trouble with them. In our experience, WordPress is the better option. You can do more optimizations, more customizations. There is almost nothing you can’t do on WordPress. Which is a huge plus, but can turn your website into a bloated beast, if you’re not careful. If you’re just starting and want to do a lot yourself, Squarespace is an excellent option.


Web Design Sunshine Coast

Website Ranking (SEO- Search Engine Optimisation)
Once you’ve decided on a platform, you need to determine what you want to rank for. If you have an established business or website that should be easy. We use Semrush, to do keyword research, but you could sign up for a Google Ads account and use that.

If you have an established website, check out your Google Search console. Google Search Console will show you what keywords your website is ranking for. Are you redesigning your website? Make sure you don’t change your URLs without setting up a 301 redirect. If you don’t know what this means, talk to your Sunshine Coast web designer. If they don’t know what you’re talking about, or how to keep your rankings while transitioning to a new website. Run. You can get a brand new website without losing rankings. I rebuilt my website and increased my average rankings.

Sunshine Coast Web Design

Website Optimisation and website page load time

As you are building a website, you want to keep your page load time and website optimisation in mind. I would recommend using a tool like Google page speed insights or gtmetrix while you are building your website. Does the new plugin you installed drop the page load time by a massive amount? I was using a form plugin, that would double my page load time. We decided to come up with a different solution.

Image Optimisation. A lot of graphic designers love huge image files. Probably because they’ve come from a print background, on the web your images should be the exact size they are rendered on your website. And you should optimise your images. You can use a tool like tinypng to compress your images before you upload them


Website Branding

What is the brand you want to your website to communicate? I don’t mean your logo, but what tone of voice are you using? What images are you using? What calls to actions? Do you want to position yourself as a local business or a national company? As a start-up or an established organisation? Will you be using your photographs, stock photos or illustrations? What icons will you be using, …. ideally you want to work with a copywriter or a brand consultant to help with this. Again, I couldn’t tell you how many times we’ve seen spic and spec websites, that looked great but had virtually no content whatsoever on them. I’d rather spend $5000 on a copywriter and use a templated website than hire a graphic designer and skimp on the messaging.

You can generate leads with a white page and great content. A picture is not worth a thousand words when it comes to Sunshine Coast web design.

Sunshine Coast Web Design

Conversion Rate Optimisation: How to turn traffic into leads

Assuming that you are getting the right traffic, now you’re website needs to do the heavy lifting. For starters, you need to decide what your main goal is. Do you want sales? Or phone calls? Form submissions or newsletter signups. Or online bookings? Or, … you get the picture. Your website needs to be designed to guide people into making the decision you want them to make. With a lot of our eCommerce clients, we found that it takes the right foundation just to get started. But to make money from your online shop, you do need to test different aspects. From the product title to the product page. From the checkout page to the checkout process. From where you put the shipping information to the return information. From the reviews, and, and, and.

If you approach a website that you get it done, and then you don’t touch it, you will be disappointed. Like everything in life, you will have to put work in. You will have to make changes, test something, and make improvements. If you do, you will be rewarded. If you don’t, well…


Website Design Sunshine Coast

If you are looking for a Sunshine Coast website design agency, don’t look any further. We’ll help you to get an excellent website that gets you traffic and converts that traffic into leads and sales. Schedule a free call with us, and we’ll get started.

We are proud partners of the industry’s most reputable brands


Our growth steps program for your business



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sit back and watch
sales go up!

What Our Customers are Saying

Johannes, Joost and their team built a website that presents professionally and clean. The price was actually affordable. When we got the bill, we were really happy with it. And we’ve now actually handed over even more of the work that we do.

James Eveland

James Eveland

Chargers Direct

With a new business, you obviously need a website and support. And I’m glad I went with Cloud Clicks because my website is amazing. Cloud Clicks made it very easy. Johannes and his team are fantastic, and they’ve been really successful in bringing in new clients.

Matthew Ford - Ford Acupuncture

Matthew Ford

Ford Acupuncture

For every dollar we spend we see 6-7 returns, which is fantastic. This means that our online store is now outperforming some of our physical locations


Boris Schaber


It’s common sense to expect a return on your web design investment

There are too many times we’ve heard:

my website isn't ranking image
my web design sucks

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