Did you know that in Australia water from the tap can kill?
It actually did the other day. In my backyard.

Fish that is.

I have a fish tank with about 30 Jade Perch fingerlings. Usually our outdoor tap is connected to our rainwater tank,, but the pump broke and we switched it to town water. Not a big deal. Except that a lot of water had evaporated and I filled up my tank with tap water.

Half way through I remembered that we switched, and that Chlorine is not good for fish. Big deal I thought. I have a 600l tank and how much damage can 50-100l of tap water do?

Well, let’s just say I had to order 30 more fish ????

The point is, how often do we do something without thinking too much about it. It could be setting up a Facebook campaign like we used to. Except that Facebook just changed its algorithm. Or a Google Analytics account, but now it looks completely different. Where do I find that code again?

Has that ever happened to you You are doing things exactly like you used to, but the results are vastly different?

That’s why you want experts working on your advertising campaigns, that spend a lot of time staying up to date with the latest changes.

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