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The average ad spend for small businesses reaches nearly $10,000 a month on PPC. Even for the most profitable small business, that’s a large investment to boost web traffic. What evidence does your current ad agency give to prove your money’s spent well?

Increasing your site traffic is possible. With traffic analytics and an advertising agency that communicates results, you’ll see your marketing budget well spent. 

Using the Right Tools for Web Traffic Analysis

You need to find an ad agency that helps you understand your web traffic. The right digital marketing company also uses the right tools to help you understand traffic analytics. The best way to ensure your ad spend succeeds requires the right tools.

Beginning with a web traffic checker, an ad agency determines where your site is and isn’t getting the desired traffic. A traffic checker helps determine the successes of currently paid ads. Determining the specific details of your web traffic requires further tools like those discussed below.


Click-mapping tracks where your web traffic clicks on any given web page. If your search engine Google ads redirect to a certain site, a click map reveals the level of user engagement. This information can guide you to new actions for boosting site visitors.

With a click map, you can find whether site visitors are clicking the unclickable. Knowing this, you can adjust ad spend for the most-clicked content. You can also assess what part of a web page receives the most attention, as well as which links get clicked. 

Understanding links clicked can show you current paths of site visitors take. Coupled with the page scroll, you can assess how long visitors spend on a page and cater content to encourage certain behaviours.


Along with click-mapping, you can also explore session-recording to understand web traffic behaviour. With session recordings, you can get a better grasp of how people use your web pages. Following a user’s journey on your web page provides valuable information. 

Session replays allow you to analyse marketing and sales funnels. Coupled with click maps, session recordings allow you to see errors. Finding common errors can help optimize your web design.

Correcting web errors or slow loading pages boosts search rank and user experience. Improved user experience, along with scroll maps, provide a direct visual to compare with traffic analytics. Once you make desired changes or needed improvements, you can assess the changes in your traffic.

Form Analytics

Aside from session replays and click maps, you can also explore form analytics. Whatever lead or contact forms used on your site, the right tool generates valuable insight about your web traffic. Understanding these analytics can reshape current strategies for existing funnels.

With form analytics, you can discover the percentage of visitors who dropped out of completing the form. This is helpful for lead generation. You can also discover error messages that prevented users from form completion.

There are a variety of errors users may experience based on browser and viewport. Error messages from form analytics can help you learn what might drop site traffic. For example, if your ideal web traffic uses Safari and a contact form breaks only for Safari users, you could lose traffic.

You can also discover how much time users spend entering information in each field. You can learn how many visitors landed on the contact form page or popup and the number of interactions. Compare this information to overall web traffic analytics to determine the success of our redirects. 

SEO Strategies

With these tools, you can better understand current engagement and interactions. This analysis of your web traffic can also inform your site’s visibility. Part of your low web traffic may come from your current search rank.

A thorough web traffic checker also evaluates your search engine optimization. With understandable web traffic analysis, you can understand where your site falls with key performance indicators. Traffic analytics can show if present SEO strategies fall short of your goals.

There are a few ways to assess and improve current SEO tactics. These revolve around site content and keywords. The most common form of site content involves text (in blogs) and images or video.

Blogging can greatly improve your web traffic if you use keywords correctly. Your keyword strategy depends on the amount of research you conduct. A good ad agency will work with you to create the perfect keyword templates to boost SEO and traffic.

PPC Marketing

Another strong factor for increasing web traffic relies on your ad spend on PPC ads. Pay-per-click ads generate higher or lower amounts of traffic, depending on how you target them. Web traffic analysis can show whether your Facebook ads are generating the desired traffic. 

Keywords, campaigns, and ad groups all help with setting a budget. Traffic analytics can show which ads successfully redirect to your site. Understanding this data means you and the agency you hire to spend your ad budget wisely.

A good web traffic checker shows which ad placements are more successful. Over time, you’ll find ways to improve your ad use to enhance ad spend. You’ll see your revenue and ROI increase, too.

Boost Your Web Traffic With Cloud Clicks

Now you know drives web traffic, it’s high time you find a company you can trust. Cloud Clicks has a strategy to boost site visitors, increase conversions, generate more revenue, and stop wasting ad spend.

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