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With billions of monthly active users, Facebook is a fantastic place to find new clients. It’s a widely available platform that allows your business to tap potential customers through effective Facebook marketing campaigns. That said, it’s essential to keep up with the trends to ensure that your business stays relevant.

Today, we’ll discuss the six Facebook advertising tactics to help you get new leads. Read on to learn more about them:

Technique #1: Conduct a Demographic Analysis

Analysing the behaviour of your target audience is a crucial piece of Facebook advertising advice. It allows you to do audience research and concentrate on the ad’s quality rather than its exposure. Once you gather data obtained from your page’s followers, you may use it to refine your demographic target.

To avoid squandering money on an ineffective campaign, you must create an advertisement that appeals to your target market. This Facebook advertising hack can save you both time and money, especially since our target demographic may be more receptive to the call to action (CTA) in your marketing efforts.

Technique #2: Look For Possible Niche Markets

Targeted audiences can assist you in achieving your desired outcomes. The capacity of Facebook to generate niche audiences gives you the ability to create more effective targeted audiences.

Your target audience might be split into numerous categories. Don’t simply display a single ad to all of your prospects if you want to run a successful Facebook campaign. Rather, segment individuals and give them ads based on their interests. In doing so, you will provide a more tailored experience to people who share shared interests.

Technique #3: Make the Landing Page of Your Marketing Stand Out

Creating a campaign-specific landing page is one of the most effective ways to lead visitors’ attention to the knowledge they seek. So, keep the focus on the product or service while building a Facebook landing page. 

This way, your target audience remembers details about your product or service. This will keep them engaged in your company and guarantee conversions!

Technique #4: Use Suitable Imagery

Each Facebook advertisement in your feed has a visual element that aids in impacting your audience. This graphic component should be used in conjunction with your advertising efforts. 

That said, consider and examine the visuals you use while creating your Facebook advertising campaigns. It should make your marketing more appealing to your target demographic and increase ad interaction.

Technique #5: Create a Bidding Strategy

Nobody wants to pay too much for Facebook advertising—you place a high value on your budget and want to maximise it. One of the most successful Facebook advertising methods is preparation, so determine the worth of your leads before deciding on a bid strategy. 

Create a budget and a target lead count to better plan your bids per click. Knowing how many leads you want to get also assists you in determining a bid value that will bring you that many leads. This Facebook ad approach will assist you in generating more valuable leads and improving the success of your campaign.

In addition, Facebook may utilise optimised bids. This tool allows Facebook to bid on ad space on your behalf based on your goals and criteria. You may optimise your budget while minimising lead costs by developing a bid strategy. 

Technique #6: Advertise with a Specific Purpose

When it comes to Facebook advertising, retargeting is crucial. Individuals may interact with your ads and learn about your products or services, but they are unlikely to convert. They are interested in your products or services but are hesitant to make a purchase. Although, it is possible to re-engage and convert individuals by using retargeted advertising.

In this case, you may want to target those who have previously expressed an interest in your products or services. Retargeted advertising has a greater conversion rate and a cheaper cost per click since it targets pre-qualified prospects.


If you see that your Facebook advertisements are not performing well, begin improving your strategies right away. Use your budget wisely and maximise these techniques to reach out to potential customers. As you enhance your advertising approach, you also grow your business and achieve desirable results.

If you want to learn more about Facebook Ads in Brisbane, Cloud Clicks can educate you on generating ROI, growing your business, and achieving success in the digital space. With us, your online business can thrive beyond expectations—schedule a free strategy session today!