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What does being credible have to do with being influential? According to research by Harvard Business Review, there is a strong correlation between a high credibility level and a high level of influence. People listen to trusted and credible people because they know if they say something, it will make an impact. In today’s rise of influencer marketing and the growing number of brands that use them, how credible are influencers, really?

Influencer Marketing and Credibility

Credibility means being believed, having a solid record, and being trusted. It is built over time through successes, failures, and good relationships. 

Influencers are different from celebrities, experts, or other well-known people because they are not necessarily tied to a brand in the same way. Their credibility comes from the way they have built their following, how their brand is perceived, and the quality of the content they produce.

When someone influences others, they need to be credible at every level. Being credible means that an influencer has or can achieve influence, and it also means that the people who are influenced are ready to be influenced. One of the biggest reasons people trust influencers is their reputation and the way they behave.

Credibility is more than just being a credible source of information; it’s also someone who is credible in the way they lead. 

The Cred-Influencer

Credibility is a key part of being an influencer, but that doesn’t mean that an influencer is credible. If that were the case, every person with a blog would be considered influential, but they’re not. Gaining influence is a lot more than just being credible. 

An influencer needs a strong following; they need to speak the right words at the right time and in the right way, and they need to know how to craft a message. They also need to understand where they want to be and how to get there.

Influencers are built through relationships, experiences, and connections with their audience, but credibility still plays a vital role in the equation. Being credible goes beyond just being an authority in your field and having an impressive network.

The Mutual Benefits of Credibility & the Brand

There is a mutual benefit for brands and influencers when brands are perceived as credible. A brand that is perceived to be credible has a greater value, and so do the people who work for them. 

When people talk about these brands, it creates a positive brand perception. The same is true for influencers who are viewed as credible. The brand grows, and so does the influence of the people behind it.

The Power of Credibility

This post simply highlights the importance of credibility and the power that it generates. To be truly successful in the modern world of marketing, you need to be able to influence people. If you can be neither believed nor trusted, any effort to influence is wasted. It’s no longer about who you know: it’s who knows you and believes what you say.

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